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Welcome to my little spot in the vast realm called “The Internet.” My name’s Benjamin J. Anderson and I’m working on my final coursework for the degree of Master of Science, Data Science through the University of Wisconsin system.


My formal background isn’t Mathematics, Statistics, or even Software Development/Computer Science. Though I do have an Associates as a Programmer/Analyst, my formal education past that point was Management, Leadership, Music Composition, and Poetry. I somehow managed to work in the software development, primarily web and data/analytics, for nearly a decade.

Why Data Science?

I was inspired by my colleagues during my employment with a company called Mashable. However, I always did poorly in most math topics. Statistics was the exception.

What’s Your Thesis Topic?

My topic has changed through out the 2 years I’ve been in the program. This was primarily due to the dismantling of the Data Science/Analytics team with on of my previous employers. I’m now working on constructing Automated Privacy Auditing as a Service as the core feature of my thesis. This involves grabbing network traffic and their initiators/trace, header information, payload size, etc. Though not anything new in the crawler industry, where my thesis becomes distinguished is in the product around the crawler and the math that complements the data.

More aspects will be covered in posts, videos, and progress reports.