Posts Approved: Starting a Business

Approved: Starting a Business

“The Capstone Proposal and Timeline is officially approved.”

So Now What?

One of my requirements before I started writing my thesis included submitting an in-depth explanation of my topic, explain the incorporated data science topics, and a timeline. Though my timeline, on paper, seems reasonable; this first week of writing has required countless hours of research. I’ve logged 17 hours into researching the Privacy Industry, creating a “Lean Canvas” outline of my proposed business, as well as interviews, emails with my advisor, and insightful conversations with a colleague.

Helpful Insights

I did have an interesting conversation with a colleague whom I interviewed. He founded countless businesses and is a very successful entrepreneur. Though he never created any business plans in the sense of the way I have to format my thesis, he understands the reasoning behind them (though they’re often not needed when first starting).

He also gave some feedback on the products and services my company would offer. Describing them as “anti-virus” software. Though I think anti-virus software is snake oil: they don’t really protect from anything new. Cereus on the other hand CAN detect new privacy infringements as well as protect. I certainly understood where he was coming from and his explanation made sense; companies always run the risk of catching a virus and anti-virus software can prevent old exploits for a cost. Smaller companies may not see the need for it as it is a cost and run the risk of malware. Same case goes for Cereus – you can run the risk of not meeting privacy compliance standards for your customers or you can purchase privacy services.

Thesis Draft is Public

My thesis is publicly available for now. Eventually the university will have all rights to it. You can read the compiled, draft, document here.

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